The Career Change Crash Course

taught by Ericka Spradley

Course description

This course will help you unlock your competitive advantage, execute with clarity and confidently position your expertise while pursuing your next career opportunity. 

Step 1: The Selfie Study #Clarity

-Identify your transferrable skills to unlock your competitive advantage, get unstuck and expand your career options 

-Discover your personal drivers to understand "your why" and increase your self awareness

-Ask yourself strategic career questions regarding  "The Who, What, When, Why and How?" 

-Identify and confidently articulate your transferable skills relevant to where you are and where you're going (next role)

Step 2: The Blueprint #Planning

-Implement a realistic plan to land your new role based on "The What"  which is essential to career growth

-Execute with clarity in the direction of your career dreams knowing you're a valuable commodity courtesy of your completed Selfie Study

Step 3: Dissect The Description #Positioning 

-Eliminate the confusion in job postings to identify the necessary skills to perform once hired 

-Revamp your resume in a strategic way that aligns with the employer need as specified in the job posting 

-Position your expertise as a qualified candidate based on the specific needs listed by the employer relevant to the role you're interested in 

Step 4: Align, Design and Refine #Preparation

-Leverage a preparation strategy that identifies skill-based examples for Behavioral-based (STAR) responses 

-Capture exemplary responses that demonstrate skill proficiency outlined in the job posting so you can communicate confidently during the interview 

-Re-evaluate your responses to ensure effectiveness, confident communication and that your experience has produced comparable results which indicate you can do the job 

BONUS Downloadable eGuides: 

-Insider Tips That Get You Hired 

-Secrets Of The Hiring Manager  

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Ericka Spradley
Ericka Spradley
Career Coach| Chief PowHer Officer

In her national career consulting firm, Ericka Spradley takes ambitious, mid-career women further faster by coaching them to interview flawlessly, manage their career and define professional success on their terms. Ericka’s encouraging feedback, positivity and thought-provoking questions affirm clients who are ready to ditch perfection, play bigger and make PowHer moves. 

She coaches women to:

  • Identify their next career move
  • Create a career strategy which includes interview mastery
  • Position themselves for a rewarding, successful career

In essence, Ericka helps clients take their career to the next level! 

To learn more, visit Ericka’s website: