PowHer Moves Bundle

This course bundle is for you if you're:

  • needing to create a plan for your career
  • desiring an interview preparation strategy to implement 
  • considering a new role
  • in transition
  • seeking career advancement
  • needing to expand your network, position yourself as an expert and increase your visibility through relationships
  • challenged with navigating your company culture courtesy of the invisible rules
  • seeking options for confident communication ("I Statements")
  • needing to "find your voice"
  • seeking resources that help you "manage up"

PowHer Moves Bundle includes these courses

20 Things To Consider Before Every Interview
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The Career Change Crash Course
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#RelationshipGoals: How To Cultivate Social Capital And Advance Your Career
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Leveraging Your Expert Power: Use It Or Lose It
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Mastering The Invisible Rules
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